Why Every Cigar Lover Needs a Cigar Stand?

Why Every Cigar Lover Needs a Cigar Stand - Ciccar

For those who love cigars, there’s nothing quite like sitting back and savoring a good smoke. Whether you’re smoking alone or with friends, holding onto your cigar for the entire duration can be inconvenient. A cigar stand offers a steady foundation to keep your cigar, giving you the freedom to unwind and enjoy the various flavors and scents.

In this blog, we’ll discuss why every cigar lover needs a cigar stand and its benefits.

What is a cigar stand?

A cigar stand, also known as a cigar holder or cigar rest, is a handy portable device that holds a cigar in place while smoking. It eliminates the need to use an ashtray, which can be dirty and inconvenient.

Using a cigar stand is practical and more convenient than many people think. They are made of different metals such as stainless steel, chrome, gold, and rose gold and come in affordable designs. Resting your cigar on a stand adds depth of flavor to your smoking experience, making it an excellent option to fully enjoy your cigar.

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Why is a cigar stand an essential accessory for cigar enthusiasts?

Why is a cigar stand an essential accessory for cigar enthusiasts

Why is a cigar stand an essential accessory for cigar enthusiasts

Many accessories are available in the market, so why do you need a cigar stand? Keep reading to find the answer:

1. Prevents uneven burning

Uneven burning is a common problem when smoking cigars due to various factors like wind, cigar type, or cutting technique. A cigar stand can help you keep your cigar level, ensuring a smooth burn and preventing it from going out or burning too fast.

2. Avoids touching the cigars

If you hold a cigar for too long, it could impact its temperature, moisture, and taste. Additionally, it may leave an unwanted residue on your fingers. However, using a cigar stand can prevent you from touching your cigar and help maintain its optimal temperature and humidity.

3. Enables hands-free smoking

To fully enjoy a cigar, it requires attention and focus. Using a cigar stand can help you relax and enjoy your cigar without having to hold or adjust it constantly.

4. Adds an elegant touch to your designated smoking area

The cigar stands are available in various designs, shapes, and styles. This essential accessory adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your room. You can buy a cigar stand according to your choice and complements your other accessories.

5. Easy to use and carry

Cigar stands can be portable and easy to carry around. This makes them a perfect accessory for cigar lovers who are always on the go. These stands are designed to be free-standing, pocket-sized, and collapsible, making them easy to carry around in your pocket.

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6. Available at reasonable prices

One of the crucial reasons why a cigar stand is the best option is that it is available at a reasonable price. This is why you can easily purchase this accessory for yourself or your loved ones.

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Things to consider when buying a cigar stand

When buying a cigar stand, there are a few essential things to consider.

  • Consider the size: The size of the stand should be appropriate for the number of cigars you intend to store.
  • Choose the right material: The material of the stand is essential as it can influence the quality and freshness of the cigars.
  • Check the humidifying system: Ensure the cigar stand has a humidifying system to maintain the ideal humidity level for cigars.
  • Look at the designs: The design of the stand should be aesthetically pleasing and complement your personal taste.
  • Check the strength: The stand needs to be strong and capable of bearing the weight of the cigars.
  • Consider a reputable store: Purchasing a stand from a reputable store that can provide expert advice and recommendations.

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Where to buy a cigar stand – online or in stores?

For cigar smokers, cigar stands are a useful accessory. They provide a convenient spot to place your cigar within reach, preventing it from getting dirty and avoiding unnecessary movements. Cigar stands are lightweight, portable and come in various sizes, designs, and metals. 

One of the common questions that can come to your mind when deciding to buy cigar stands is whether to buy them online or in stores. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Online shopping has been popular due to its convenience and wider variety of products. One can easily browse different brands and models of cigar stands in the comfort of their home or office.

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When shopping in stores, one has the advantage of inspecting the quality of the product before making a purchase. For example, when buying a cigar stand, one can examine its weight and feel to determine if it suits their needs. Furthermore, purchasing in-store means they can immediately possess the product.

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Ultimately, the choice between buying cigar stands online or in stores is a matter of personal preference. It’s essential to research the prices and reviews of both options before making a purchase. Cigar stands are relatively affordable, so ensuring quality that meets your needs is crucial.


A cigar stand is an essential accessory for any cigar lover. It not only provides a stable and convenient place to rest your cigar while enjoying it, but it also helps to enhance the overall smoking experience. A cigar stand can prevent your cigar from getting damaged or crushed.

With so many different types of cigar stands available on the market, there is sure to be one that fits your style and preferences. If you’re a cigar enthusiast, consider investing in a cigar stand to take your smoking experience to the next level.

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