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Ciccar Life

You love cigars. Damn straight. To you and your crew, there’s nothing better than sharing that hour or so enjoying a stick and some laughs. Or maybe a serious conversation. Solving the world’s problems. That’s what it’s about.

That, and a damn good cigar. The right balance and flavor gives you the best smoking experience. So you can sit and enjoy it all the way down. Down where the good stuff happens. Where the resin and the oils, and the long filler and the wrapper release the best aroma. Where you get the essence of the cigar. Where it all comes together. That’s the best part.

That’s where Ciccar comes in

Ciccar holds it together. Ciccar gives you that best part. Ciccar is the cigar accessory that gives you the last quarter of your cigar. There’s no chewing the foot – no losing the integrity of the wrapper. There’s no robbing yourself of the best part and screwing with a soggy, crappy premature end to a really, nice cigar.

And when you think about it, not getting completely nub is throwing away money. You’re giving up the last ¼ of your cigar – that’s $5, or $50. That sucks.

But Ciccar’s not just about getting your money’s worth. Sure that’s part of it. But like that hour you’re surrounded with your friends. Your confidantes. Ciccar Life is about getting your time’s worth.

Ciccar wants you to get the most out of what you have.

Smoke the whole damn thing.